1-on-1 Mentorship

Develop a tailor-made Action Plan for your business and start getting the results you want.

      Which of these do you wish for?

      • Freedom?
      • Time for yourself?
      • Time with friends and family?
      • Ability to make more money?
      Running a business is more than just selling a product.
      As a successful entrepreneur, mentor, best-selling author, and public speaker I get to work with many inspiring people in many different businesses and industries.  

      I love helping people to succeed and achieve their business goals. For more than 12 years, I've been sharing my experience, through my mentoring and coaching programs.
      Having started my first business more than 30 years ago, I can tell you to create a business (not just a job) that supports you to live the life you have always dreamed of, you need to build the right foundations, and to thrive long term, you need to create your best support team.
      I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners to help them move through adversity and take them from striving to thriving!  
      When choosing a mentor
      Make sure you choose someone who has real experience in growing businesses, who understands how to help you to find your way through challenges to evolve and prosper.
      I’ve built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses from the ground up…
      Believe me, I’ve seen and experienced a lot…

      Big successes and some failures too.
      In my 1:1 mentoring, I work with you the business owner, to develop a tailor-made plan, that will guide you to get the results you want.

      No more guessing...

      No more feeling scared, hopeless, and frustrated when it comes to your business.

      Do you feel like...

      • You're stuck in a rut?
      • Progress is stalled and you're not achieving your next level growth?
      • You are not living your best life?
      • ​You want to finally start achieving your goals and the life that you’ve dreamed of?
      1:1 mentoring is available as a
      12-month commitment.  
      Here’s what people say about mentoring with Natalie
       Thanks to you, I was not scared to charge more and I am now at happy in my work and no longer feel that I am being taken advantage of. 
       I think this mentoring program really helped me to understand the bigger picture of my business. How to manage growth and be sustainable, yet at the same time focusing on my happiness and the thought that I have to be happy with what I do. I can't really thank Natalie enough for this opportunity. It's really changed how I live my life and what decisions I make. 
       I valued the program highly - I'd say it was one of the best things I've ever done for my business. Hands down. 

      It’s easy to be inspired after...

      • Finishing a course
      •  Attending a live workshop or
      • ​Watching our video series
      But, ask yourself, how do I keep it all going afterwards? Maybe some old habits and limiting beliefs appear, or you feel you are struggling, a bit deflated or alone.
      This is why I will only work with clients for a full year. I don't do "pick your brain" sessions. I don't do one-month or three-month mentor packages. 
      That's because if you're ready to thrive in your business
      • You need more than a quick session
      • You need more than just tactics
      • ​You need more than marketing hype
      • You need real one-on-one year-long support
      • ​You need accountability
      • ​You need mindset shifts
      So that I can truly dedicate myself to give you the support you need, I only take on a few 1:1 mentoring clients at a time. 
      There are two options
      Monthly Mentoring Program
      • 1 x 3 hour session per month
      • Ongoing email support
      • Set out goals
      • ​Develop monthly action plans
      • ​Work towards hitting your targets every month
      We test and measure to make sure if things need tweaking, then we can make those changes and work together to create a plan that will get you results. We also work through any mindset issues that may be holding you back.
      Investment is $2500 per month
      Weekly mentoring program
      • 1 x 3 hour session per week
      • Ongoing email support
      • Set out goals
      • ​Develop monthly action plans
      • ​Work towards hitting your targets every month
      This is for those that want to move quickly on their goals, be accountable for targets and make weekly action plans to improve results.
      Investment is $10,000 per month
      Prices are quoted in USD
      Participation in a mentoring program with Natalie is on an application basis.
      Only a select few participants can join the program at different times each year.
      You must be prepared to do the work to implement the strategies developed for you and your business.  
      The cost of the mentoring is a fraction of the cost paid for this level of consulting where Natalie usually charges more than $10,000+per day. 

      Think of it like having a board of external directors but without the high price tag. In saying that participants should have these amounts budgeted for, the mentoring program should not create a financial burden on you or the business.

       A 12 month commitment is required.
      Apply for our waitlist today,
      let’s get you back on the path to success…
      To apply you’ll need to pay a $500 deposit and complete a survey to tell us about your needs and your business.

      If your application is approved, the deposit will be used towards your first month's payment. 

      If your application is unsuccessful, your deposit will be refunded. 

      Waitlist times can be from 3-6 months.

      Now is the time to start running your business, rather than letting it run you!
      Make more money and have more fun doing it!  
      • Find the right customers for your business.
      • Define your brand and complete your Customer Action Plan.
      • Feel more confident in your decision making.
      Here’s what people say about mentoring with Natalie
       I would highly recommend this program for people in many areas of business. Natalie's approach was systematic, easy to understand, and gave simple strategies for implementation and targeting areas for improvement. 
       I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie to anyone seeking to improve their business, both from a financial and personal perspective 
       I did everything that you said, and it worked! The results didn’t come overnight but they did come. 
      “The observer sees the chess game better than the players” 
      ~ Chinese Proverb
      That’s what is great about mentoring, having someone with an external eye, no vested interest, give you feedback and help you create a clear pathway to improve your business and help you to get the results that you want. 
      “What I love about mentoring is helping people discover their own strengths and the skills and knowledge to grow for themselves and their business. Once they know how to do it, it is so nice to see them continue to grow and prosper.” Natalie Pickett, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor
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