Why The living 
dream course?
  • You want to start breaking out of the barriers that are holding you back. 
  • You've noticed that your behaviors are working against you, not for you.
  • Your day to day activities are stalling your progress. 
  • ​You're ready to make changes - creating a business that gives you a life of happiness and freedom.  


1. FIVE video modules with the essentials you need to break down barriers to take your business to the next level.  How to improve your mindset, value yourself and change the behaviors that are holding you back. This includes the foundations you need to grow and scale. We look at support, systems, IP, legal and financial tools for your business too.

2. FIVE workbooks with 'home play' items that help you put the lessons into action.

3. FIVE live group coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get coached on your particular challenges.

4. MEMBERSHIP to a private Facebook community where you can connect and engage with entrepreneurs for the duration of the program.

5. TAKEAWAY TOOLS AND PROCESSES you can rely on. Designed to use when you're feeling stuck, when you need to overcome challenges and get through hard times in your business. 
Extra bonus for this course only – 3 x 1:1 personal mentor sessions with Natalie. 1:1 mentoring gives you that extra level of detail especially for you and your business. This can exponentially change your results for the better. Natalie’s mentoring rates are $2500 per session. That is an extra value of $7500 for this course only!

This a one time offer and the only time this course will be offered this year. The intake is a maximum of 8 people. Make the most of this limited offer and reserve your place now.

If you're wondering who I am...
My name's Natalie Pickett, a serial entrepreneur and best-selling author from Melbourne, Australia

I’ve founded successful businesses in consulting, publishing, travel, food and wine industries.

I know from starting my first 7 figure business, around 30 years ago, that it is very easy to get trapped, in a business that is not serving your needs. By getting the right structures in place, I make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

For more than 12 years, I've been sharing my experience, through my mentoring and coaching programs and as a public speaker. I travel the world and help business owners and entrepreneurs just like yourself develop strategies to take their businesses from surviving to thriving!

I've been featured in major news publications in Australia like:

It's easy to slip into a lifestyle we don't like or enjoy; 
enduring a 9 to 5, working harder, harder, harder
 because we're told that's the way to success. 
But ask yourself...

Why can't your dream become a reality? 
Why can't you combine your passion and vocation? 
Why can't you have your own successful business?
Why can't you have it all: life balance and a thriving business? 

The answer is YOU CAN 

In 30 years as an entrepreneur, I've discovered that success is less about working hard, and more about following your joy! I learned the hard way, but there is no need for you to learn the hard way too. Let me share the secrets to get you to living your dream through you business now.

 My goal is to reach as many people as possible with this message:
with the right tools and coaching 

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